After 29 episodes, player and images have stopped loading

I’ve got a stand alone wordpress 5.02 installation running the Hamilton theme.
The first 29 episodes of the podcast are posted and they work great, and look right.

Here is an example:


At episode 29 it appear to break for no reason I can understand.

Here is an example:


I have tried the following:

  1. Re uploading the images and MP3 file
  2. Deleting the post and starting again
  3. Trying a different episode (several others in fact)
  4. Deleting previous episodes to “make room” and uploading and posting again
  5. Clearing the cache of the browser, and podlove
  6. Stripping the ID3 data from the MP3 files and uploading again
  7. Trying another theme (same results)
  8. Disabling all plugins (nothing much happening plugin-wise on the site)
  9. Browsing the back end of the podlove plugin and looking around for some sort of limit, or setting to allow for more than 29 episodes (couldn’t find a limit apart from the feed settings which take about limiting it to 10 episodes, but that doesn’t appear to be relevant.)

It’s quite strange. I’ve searched this forum as best I can, and found a few people with super cache and other issues which have prevented the player from showing up, but I haven’t found anyone with XX number of successful episodes posted, followed by complete failure.

I am using the podigee podcast player because the podlove player doesn’t show up in the preview, and it seems to be working for all the previous posts.

What the heck?

Here’s a link to my site:

I’ve got a couple hundred episodes I’d like to post, and for now I’m stopped at 28 and can not get a 29th (or a 30th or 31st) to function.

What have I done?