Any Sortcode to display Shows in one page

Hi… I wanted to display all the related episodes in a Show in one page…as an archive… is there a way, I can display using a shortcode of all the shows… I wanted to make separate pages for separate shows.

Also can someone pls explain a bit better… the difference between Shows and Seasons…


Regarding seasons and shows: Think of it as TV series. “Big Bang Theory” and “Friends” are different shows, consisting of several seasons consisting of a couple of episodes. Does that help? If not I’d be glad to explain further.

I am afraid there is no shortcode ready for your archive idea, but you can do that with podlove templates, are you familar with that? I have several approaches to archive pages in my github repository ready for copy and paste. Look at everything with “archiv” in the filename to find out what suits best for you. I provide comments in english and a “see it working”-URL on top of every template.

You will have to make some adjustments to your needs as I typically don’t use shows, but we can figure this out, i’ll be happy to help.

Thank you soo much for the lucid explanation of the Show, Seasons and Episodes…

I wanted to display all the episodes that belong to one Season, or Show in a page ( using a shortcode)… so that I can dedicate a page cover and some write up related to the show… and then the episodes can be shown in order of the time published grouped by seasons…

So like one Page… where I can have a cover page for " Friends"… and then some content about the show… and then the episodes grouped by Seasons…

I did check the Github, could not make much form it… can you please help?

You want to create a new template for each of your shows with Podlove|Templates, you might call it “archive-friends” or whatever. Then copy and paste the code below into this template and change it to your needs. This means you will change the german text obviously to your preferred language (Google Translate will help you with that) and you will have to fill in the slugs of your shows.

    {% for season in podcast.seasons %}
      {% if show.slug == "YOUR-SHOW-SLUG-GOES-HERE" %}
        <h2 id="{{ season.number }}">{{ season.title }}&nbsp;-&nbsp;{{ season.subtitle }}</h2>
        <p>{{ season.summary }}</p>
        <p>Die Staffel ist am {{ season.startDate.format('d.m.Y') }} gestartet. Die erste Episode hieß "{{ season.firstEpisode.title }}" und wir haben sie am {{ season.firstEpisode.recordingDate.format('d.m.Y') }} aufgenommen. Staffel {{ season.number }} hat {{ season.episodes|length }} Episoden.</p>

        {% for episode in season.episodes %}
            <h4><a href="{{ episode.url }}">{{ episode.post_title }}</a></h4>
            <p style="margin-bottom:20px;padding-bottom:15px;border-bottom:1px solid black">{{ episode.summary }}<br />
            <small><span style="margin-right:25px">Aufgenommen am: {{ episode.recordingdate.format('d.m.Y') }}</span> <span style="margin-right:25px">Veröffentlicht am: {{ episode.publicationdate.format('d.m.Y') }} um {{ episode.publicationdate.format('H:i') }} Uhr.</span> <span style="margin-right:25px">Dauer: {{ episode.duration }}</span>Downloads: {{ episode.total_downloads | number_format(0, ',', '.') }}</small></p>
        {% endfor %}
 {% endif %}   
{% endfor %}

This will give you a list of episodes grouped by seasons. You will find the shortcode for your template on the templates page of your podlove. You will have to create a page for every show you have. If you want to have every show with every season and every episode on one single page, you just have to insert each shortcode for all of your new templates into one page.

Further questions?