API Inteface

Is there not a simple API (hooks, actions, Get functions) to retrieve Episode information by post ID? I am reading and all I find is this:


I was hoping for simple things like get_summary($postID), etc, but I cannot seem to locate a page on the site with a detail API reference.

Is there such API functions. If not, I am trying to understand the Template Tags and such, but all I need is to be able to pull info from an existing Episode/Podcast post.

Any guidance would be appreciate.


Your are at the right place in the documentation. \Podlove\get_episode($post_id)->summary() gets the summary. The available functions on episode and other objects are listed here: https://docs.podlove.org/podlove-publisher/reference/template-tags.html#episode

They are the same for PHP API and Twig API.