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do you have any suggestions, how I can use Podlove with the internal wordpress media? Till now you´ve to create an own folder and upload your files via ftp but for editor purposes it would be great to have a wordpress media internal system, where you can access to all files at one place.

Is there any workaround or feature planned? I´ve tried custom upload dir, but it seems a little bit buggy and not really a solution.



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+1 for that feature. Can’t get Custom upload dir to work properly either. I think that it has to do with my multisite set up. The upcoming “upload in post type folder”-feature looks promising though.

Right now all episode files are expected to be in the same directory, so you can’t use the WordPress Media Uploader. You need to use sFTP or a compatible CDN like

so i can´t put on an new Episode via external URL like from

ich kann also nicht einfach eine neue Episode via URL hinzufügen. z.b Episoden bei hosten?

As far as I can remember does not have a compatible URL structure.
You can host externally (you have to, actually) but only via ways where you have control over the URL / directory structure.

I’m using the web host and an FTP client for hosting my files. Is that a bad idea? Should i go with Amazon S3 or Libsyn instead?

That’s great. Just make sure all audio files are in the same FTP directory.


Then you Upload Location In Podcast Settings > Media is and episode slugs when creating an episode would be ep001, ep002 etc.