Auphonic Module questions

Hi, I’m using Auphonic to mix, position (in stereo fields) and enhance my audiofiles. Now I have two questions:

  1. As I’m using multitrack audio, I’m currently not able to upload the tracks through publisher. Is there any chance to add this in the future?

  2. I’m currently creating the production on the auphonic homepage. When I link an episode in Publisher and click on “Publish Episode when finished” nothing happens. How is this checkbox supposed to work?


Just tweeted about it recently :slight_smile: It’s a feature we want, but it’s non-trivial to add.

I think this checkbox only works if you start the production from the Publisher. You can create and edit the production in Auphonic, then select the production in the Publisher and start it from there. Not optimal, but the only way at the moment if you have to use the Auphonic interface to add data that can’t be added from the Publisher (like Multitrack).