Can anyone please HELP!?!

Hey y’all, I need help big time, I’ve read everything I can, I’ve watched videos but I’m still falling short. I have 5 podcast episodes recorded and edited. I’ve managed to upload two episodes locally using word press blog page so that the “ear viewers” can listen but I cannot get an episode uploaded with podlove to begin expanding to iTunes, Spotify etc. I believe I have everything correct, episode assets verify, publish the episode through WP. When I go to view it, it says “Missing media Files” where podlove web player should be. I return to episode assets and it’s giving me an error 3 for detecting duration and some error about line 256. If anyone can help me, I’d be forever grateful. I’ve followed the walk through videos out there but I have to be missing something. Email me at maybe you wouldn’t mind a text or phone convo to help walk through? I know it’s a big ask but I have very little experience with this stuff so I’m learning as I go.