Changing Feed Slug

Hi all, looks like moving SegelRadio is almost done and I added a new episode yesterday and having it on the web player looks pretty awesome already. Only iTunes seems to not like my new setup at all.

First I expected to be able to just set the feed to whatever the Feed-URL was before:

Unfortunately Podlove wants it to begin with a /feed and to not contain any further / …

So I set up a 301 in “Expert Settings” and from the stats I assume this solved it for at least many Podcatchers. The counter went up pretty quick and the new episode begun to be downloaded. Only iTunes has not a clue what is going on: neither the changed Logo nor the new Episode appeared in the store (within the past 7h).

Any idea anyone? - Or do I just have to wait?


Addon: according to to Podlove analytics 4% of the traffic is already iTunes. So even more confusing why it is not showing the new episode?

This should be the way to go and iTunes should properly catch up. if it doesn’t the only reason could be that iTunes actually checks a different feed.

To make sure you are right subscribe with iTunes and check the feed URL.

However, depending on your average publication cycle it might take a while until the iTunes Directory catches up as it does not regularly check feeds. However, the iTunes client might have updated locally which would explain the analytics numbers

Thanks, jsut wanted to make sure I did it right. Probably it just needs time. Haven’t published an episode for about a year…