Display chapters in web-player 4 initial view?

I’d love to display chapters immediately when player loads. Chapters are essential part for my long shows, and I want users to be aware of contents even before playing.

Is there any way to force chapters open without user input?
Using Publisher 2.7 & Web-player 4

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This option was available for older web player versions at Podlove -> Podcast Settings -> Player. The new V4 player doesn’t support this anymore.

cc @zusatzstoff: Should this feature be brought back?

Thanks Joey,
I know it was (and still is) available - but as you explicitly mark the previous players as deprecated, I naturally want to avoid future problems and stick with long-term evolving solution.

As far as I see, you need to urge @zusatzstoff to put that feature back in. :sweat_smile:


It is already available in the Player, the Publisher doesn’t let you configure it yet.

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Good to know!
Can I configure it in the Player, not in Publisher?

Right now the Publisher doesn’t give you access to all of the parameters the Webplayer 4 allows. So in order to be able to show the chapters we have to talk with @ericteubert. I know the separation between Player and Publisher seems odd and often leads to confusions, but we treat both as independent software parts.

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While you‘re at it… :innocent: I‘d like to toggle off the info-tab button.

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Thanks @zusatzstoff, and, khemmm, hi @ericteubert?
Is there anything I can do to switch chapters on by default?

Most of the player components can be configured to show/hide. See this example: http://alexander.heimbu.ch/presentations/podlove-web-player-4/#/dynamic-components

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Having that menu available in the Podlove backend would be great. :heart_eyes:

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You can access the Player Config by using the hook. I’m using it in the functions.php (https://firmenfunk.com/):

function sendeturm_podlove_player4_config($config) {
    $config['tabs']['chapters'] = true;
	return $config;

add_filter('podlove_player4_config', 'sendeturm_podlove_player4_config');

Everything what is provided in the array $config will be printed out as json in the player. You can also hide tabs:

    $config['visibleComponents'] = array(
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