Download Tracking & Data Privacy

If Podlove’s download tracking is activated, would you advise to mention it in the site’s data privacy regulations? If yes, what would be the right way to describe it? Or is the tracking data’s origin obscured enough that it’s not necessary to list it?

Thanks for your opinion! --Timm

Podlove Publisher Analytics do not track users, they track downloads and their origin (feed, website etc.).

No IP address is stored (only one-time converted to a rough geo coordinate), but we do store user agent (browser) info (which is then only related to time and geography).


Thanks @timpritlove for the clarification.
The importance of this information might be underrated: In many countries you’re forced to inform the user about how/why you collect what data.

How about integrating a short explanation (“privacy policy”) into the Podlove backend for website-admins to copy and paste onto their website?

Here’s what we drafted in German for our data privacy document regarding Podlove:

Podlove Publisher
Die auf diesem Blog angebotenen Podcast-Episoden werden durch das Podlove Publisher-Plugin unter Wordpress verwaltet. Dieses Plugin erfasst die Downloads von Episoden zusammen mit Angabe der Zeit, User Agent (Browser)-Informationen und groben geografischen Koordinaten. Es werden dabei keine IP-Adressen gespeichert. Wir verwenden diese Daten in zusammengefasster Form zur Verbesserung unserer Inhalte und deren Benutzerfreundlichkeit.


May I use that in a slightly different form?

Of course, please go ahead!

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For Swiss/German (and as far as I know EU as well) readers: Don’t forget to add the purpose of your tracking.

Thanks for noticing, @Joey- I have amended the text above to include a purpose statement at the end.

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