Fatal Error after Publisher Update - lost blog access!

Hi Team,

yesterday I worked after a while (last time 2013) on my grandmother’s audio-biography, which I’m managing with the podlove publisher.

There were a couple of updates offered in the wordpress interface, I remember six plugin updates and as well a wordpress release update.

As I was working with the publisher and just experienced some issue with a mp3 file, I thought an update to the latest version could maybe solve the issue.

So I updated the publisher, update went through successful (last message I saw). Then I went to check the blog but it was gone. Instead of my content I saw the following error code:

I have actually fully lost access to the blog. http://oma.heikokraemer.de/ shows only the error message as well does http://oma.heikokraemer.de/wp-login.php

Of course do I still have access to the directories on the server and could exchange or edit files there.

Any idea how I can resolve the issue without loosing the data from the episodes?

I’ve spend quite some time editing the summary, description, etc of the episodes, would be very sad if they would be gone …

Thanks in advance,

Hi Heiko,

First, delete the Publisher plugin using (s)FTP. This will not harm any data, and you will be able to reach your blog again.
Then try to reinstall the plugin and see if that helps.

I have not seen this error before. The function shortcode_exists is part of WordPress core and should always be available.

Hi Eric,

it worked, you are my hero :heart_eyes:

  • I’ve deleted the folder “podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress” on the server.
  • The blog came back, but did not show any content. Sidebar and Menubar were also gone.
  • I’ve locked into the admin page, updated WP to the latest version + updated all the plugins.
  • Then I’ve installed and activated the publisher again.
  • Success! Blog is back and so is all the content with its metadata.

Great stuff :grin:

I have a full back-up of the initial plugin folder, pls let me know if you need anything from it for further investigations.

Cheers mate,

I have just realised that there is no sidebar in the new WP version, so pls ignore …