Global Contributors By Group

Hello, I have a problem in the choice of contributors. The only option that shows the episodes that each member involved is through the shortcode


But it shows all people regardless if they are in different groups

How can I do to divide into groups like the image above?

This shortcode doesn’t support it.

However, you can use [podlove-podcast-contributor-list groups="yes"].

If you haven’t already, you need to

  1. Define groups in Podlove > Contributors > Groups
  2. Assign those groups to contributors in Podlove > Podcast Settings > Contributors

Hello Eric.

I used the shortcode but the only thing it does is show all registered contributors and their respective groups.

What I need is to display the episodes that each group participated.

Could you implement this feature in the next version?

We don’t plan on extending contributor features soon. However, you can achieve what you want with Publisher Templates.

The shortcode [podlove-global-contributor-list] is just a shortcode to a template. You can find the template here: You can edit it to fit your needs.

Here’s a general guide to templates:

Perfect, thanks Eric.

It’s posssible to show me the template of this shortcode?