How to create shows

Hi! I can’t find the “shows” in the module…where they are?!

Do you use the 2.7 beta?

Hi Joey! no, I have the 2.6.4 version. This is my problem: I’m creating the podcast of my gym and I’d like to create differents podcast for different topics: fitness, martial arts, self-defence, etc.

I thought that the shows could work for this, what do you think about it?

The shows feature will be included in the 2.7 version. If you can’t wait until that’s released, you’ll have to install the beta.

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Hi Joey! Ok, thanks for the information! Could you give an idea about when the 2.7 version will be aviable?

I‘m sorry. I can‘t. Even the developer, @ericteubert, doesn‘t.
But the beta works just fine for me.

I was a little bit afraid of using the beta version but if you tell me that it works well I’ll try it