Im really confused about Tracking & Analytics Settings

I changed my Permalink type to “Post name”, like this :“

when turn on Tracking & Analytics

I got this

BUT !! I look around , seems EVERTHINGS is FINE!!

page can open…
episode can play…
feed is wroking fine on iTunes podcast…

EVEN Analytics function … its working …

I dont know … should I worried about some thing!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I wondering this switch

if I turn on “Enable license field” I will got a logo on iTunes podcast site? like this…?


When I try to reach I get an error, so I don’t think It’s working.

You don’t need a per-episode license field for the license to appear in iTunes.

yes I know that link can not reach , but I don’t know why , I already set the Permalink type to “Post name”, what should for this?


as you can see from the pic, there accurately has some data from analysis . I don’t konw why

=.= I already turn off tracking function.