Issues with feed


I received an email from apple saying that my Podcast has bee removed do to a technical issue. I’ll paste the original email from Apple and the response I got. Does any of you have a solution for this?

Dear Podcast Provider,

The following show has been removed from Apple Podcasts due to technical problems with the feed.

Name: ELIM, Tistedal baptistkirke
Feed URL:

If you wish to resubmit your show to Apple Podcasts, first validate your feed in Podcasts Connect []. Check your feed for missing tags and verify the functionality of each episode. If you use a third-party host for your show’s content, review your host’s documentation for resolving feed issues. After you have resolved the technical issues, resubmit using Podcasts Connect [].

For more information on troubleshooting feed problems and best practices for metadata and artwork on Apple Podcasts, visit Resources and Help [].


The iTunes Store team


Hi Thomas,

_Thank you for contacting us. _

We detected a technical issue when attempting to stream or download episodes of your podcast.

Please correct the issue and then revalidate the podcast. After your podcast validation is successful, return to the My Podcasts dashboard in Podcasts Connect. Click the plus sign (+) to add and resubmit your RSS feed.

_I attempted to validate your podcast with 2 different validators and was unable to do so. When I try to view your feed I get a message telling me it is forbidden. I am including a screenshot. _

_We would recommend that you reach out to your podcast host provider. _

Your resubmission will be reviewed within five business days.

If you have additional questions related to this request, please reference case number 100776078729.

Best regards,

Apple Inc.

There is a redirect from /feed/taler/ to /taler/. You ned to find out where that redirect is coming from and fix it. Maybe a web server misconfiguration or some WordPress redirect plugin?