iTunes Connect validation error

Hello Podlove community,

I am a neophyte podcast publisher and would welcome guidance and advice. But, in particular, I am having a challenge validating my podcast with iTunes Connect. The feed is:

The error reads: “Can’t submit your feed. There is no category tag in your feed, or the category tag is empty.”

I have added podcast categories in Setting…Directory and in the setting for ‘all episodes’, but the error persists.

I’ve looked at other podcast validator, which report errors in specific lines, but I really don’t know how to use Podlove to address any of those.

My son created a podcast several years ago to interview people with cool vehicles. We were using Soundcloud, but I can’t afford the ongoing fees. I am trying to switch to host the podcast through a Wordpress site that is hosted at Bluehost.

Any guidance would be welcome!

Thank you,

Have a look at

The only issue there appears to be the podcast cover image. It is not square and not the right dimensions (1,400–3,000 pixels square). iTunes is very picky about this and will reject your feed if the image is not square and in the given dimensions.

I can’t see any fault with the category tag though.

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Thank you! Correcting the podcast cover image seemed to do the trick.