Latest episode template not working with Podigee Player

I am using the following template code with Podigee Player to embed the latest episode on a page.

{% for episode in podcast.episodes({ orderby: “publicationDate”, order: “DESC”, limit: 1 }) %}
{{ episode.player }}
{% endfor %}

The latest version of Podlove Publisher 3.0.4 it is no longer working, also tested on version 2.11.4 not working on that version either. The Podigee player instead of showing the episode shows a link to the page it is embedded on instead.

It is still working for me on Podlove Publisher 2.9.10 I have been stuck on this version and unable to update because of that.

I need to use Podigee player for compatability reasons because the Web Player 5 doesn’t load with Safari on older iOS devices such as iOS 10.1 even with legacy browser support option enabled.