Longer descriptions of contributors


I’d like to add a brief vita for every contributor (something about 250 letters). Which attribute can I use for this purpose? In the podlove documentation I found contributor.comment. Is this the public comment I can add in the contributor settings within an episode? If so I have to add the comment in every episode the contributor is participating in, right?

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Yes it is.

Yea, that’s not really how it’s intended to be used. One possible scenario is to give a context to guests. And depending on the topic discussed, a different comment can be used. A person may be an expert in various fields, but only one is relevant in an episode.

Anyway, as of right now there is no generic description / vita field. We have long been talking about deprecating the “Affiliation” section. I guess it would make sense to replace it with a more generic free text field.

Thanks for your answer. If you come to the point that you add a free text field it would be great if it was HTML-enabled for links to Wikipedia, papers etc.