Moving the description to the <description> tag

Hello, I am moving my podcast to Anchor. They import all the episodes automatically.
That they couldn’t import the description. They say the problem is that the description on my site is in the itunes:image tag. It needs to be included in the tag to be correctly imported.

It makes sense to me. Is it possible to change this setting in PodLove?

Podlove Publisher puts the description in the description tag, definitely not in the image tag. Maybe some plugin interferes. Impossible to tell since you didn’t provide the feed URL.

Thank you. Here’s the URL

The description tags contain content, for example for the latest episode <description><![CDATA[Regime forfettario: come renderlo un business - con Giampiero Teresi]]></description>.

Sure, but this is not the description we added in Wordpress. You can see it , for example, in Pocketcasts:

So, the problem is that the description field contains the title of the episode. Shouldn’t it show the WP post content?