My feed does weird stuff. Can anyone help please?

Hey everyone

so a few weeks ago I moved my podcast from a website to a second one, and everything seemed to be working. But something is really weird, as the new episodes get published via the new feed on some platforms (e.g. Overcast) and some are just stuck with the episodes that already existed before swapping websites. Now it could be that there is still the old feed used in all these platforms, but that’s not the case as the feed is correct on platforms like Spotify and iTunes, where I can see the feed. The podcast doesn’t update on either of them anymore though.

What do you guys suggest? Some help would be great as right now my podcast really only gets published on overcast.

See ya.

Hello :wave:

Can you please provide the (old and new) RSS feeds you were/are using?

How exactly did you move your podcast?

So the old one was;
the new one is supposed to be

Oh, and I moved my podcast by publishing the same episodes and (trying to) change the feed for every platform by contacting the staff - I thought that had worked…

Would be great if you were able to help me :slight_smile:

Your subtitle (Lets celebrate the fukc out of this episode.) of your latest episode contains an invalid character (between Let and s). If you change the subtitle, that should fix the feed.

To add to your process:

Podlove allows you to place a redirect from your old feed to the new one. This should send your old subscribers (theoretically podcast directories as well) to your new feed.

Go to the feed settings for in PodlovePodcast-Feeds. There you can set a permanent 301 redirect to your new feed.

Additionally, Apple gives you the option to change your feed address in Apple Podcasts Connect.

Thanks a lot for your answer!
So i did all of That and weird things started to happen.
On Spotify, there are none of the episodes after the nineth, on itunes, the ninth one is missing.

Can I solve this myself?
What is different in the RSS feed if there are certain letters somewhere that aren’t allowed?
What RSS feed reader do you suggest for apple/ safari?
Thanks for your help.