OG META data being overwritten

I already set up my open Graph and Meta Data and Podlove is over writing it. Mine is at the top in the tag and Podlove is close to the middle. This is all being loaded in via the wp_head() hook. So far Podlove is over writing the flowing:

Is there a way I can easily prevent this, by removing an add_action or something. As long as search engines grab the first set of META data, this is not a big deal, but it adds weight to the payload and I would rather not have it included in the page/posts.

I am actually not using the PODLOVE player. I am only using the Shows and Feeds and the core Podlove engine to coordinate things for the feeds and really do not need anything from Podlove to be embedded or inserted in to a page/post. Is there a simple way to prevent all Podlove insertions into a Page/post?

Thanks for any guidance.


You can disable the Podlove Open Graph module in module settings.