Player Configuration

Hi there,

maybe I misunderstood it in the talk of Alexander and Eric, but shouldn’t the Podlove Player v4 be configurable in Podlove Producer 2.7beta? Or am I just blind? :wink:



I presented an outlook how it will look like in the publisher ( :slight_smile: It’s currently not in there because the integration isn’t trivial and involves some backend APIs :>

Is there any progress on this?

One thing is preventing me from launching a site using this plugin - the ability to hide the downloads tab from the player.

I can see that in the documentation there is a configuration option to remove it: and that the downloads tab doesn’t appear on this example player:

My question is, how can I apply this configuration option? Which file to edit?


Not yet, the backend configurator for the publisher is still not yet released.

I am working on adding some additional configuration options for the V4 player and have some questions about how the form fields are being constructed. I am not a PHP developer by training so I am wondering how best to expose the visibleComponents attribute as a multi-select form field to be passed to the player config.

Alternatively, @zusatzstoff have you made any progress on integrating the settings controls that you linked in your demo?

I am able to modify the source on the server to hardcode the visibleComponents array, but would prefer to integrate it as part of the plugin and contribute it upstream.

Another item that I would like to expose is to allow the primary/secondary colors to default to the color settings configured in the active theme.

Thanks for your help!

I did a rough implementation in the standalone version with a more advanced configurator than presented. I think @ericteubert started to migrate this into the publisher and has a branch somewhere with this state?

Thank you for the suggestion. There is indeed a branch with a JS based configuration interface, but it was a bit more than I was ready to dig into. For an intermediate approach I started work on this PR but it isn’t quite working yet. Any feedback would be helpful.

I managed to figure out the missing pieces in my PR so it should be ready to review in case anyone else might find it useful. /cc @ericteubert