Podcast feed not working, includes latest blog posts?

Update: I don’t know where the option is to delete this message. My feed is working fine now. Must have something to do with my webhost?

Can anyone tell me why my latest episode http://paleorunner.org/2015/03/pr102-stephanie-gaudreau-paleo-performance.html/ isn’t showing up on podcatchers, and why my feed seems to include my latest blog posts? http://paleorunner.org/feed/aac/

The web player version of Pocket Cast is showing, the last episode of your podcast.

Thanks Michaela!

Feed seems to have the same issues as here: https://github.com/podlove/podlove-publisher/issues/711
Any idea which plugin could be responsible for this section in your feed?

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The Jetpack module “Site Icon” is responsible. You can deactivate it temporarily. The next Publisher release will remove this icon from podcast feeds.

Thanks Eric!