Podlove Player does not load on start page

Hi there,

we have a problem with the appearance of our Podlove Player: It does not show (not always show, some very rare times it seems to show) on the start page of https://lila-podcast.de - it appears totally fine when you click on the episode, like here: https://lila-podcast.de/lila108-das-feministische-schmink-tutorial/

Any ideas, what we are doing wrong?

Thanx in advance,

You have mixed content on your start page, https secured sites prohibit content from non secure http sites. It works if you use the http version: http://lila-podcast.de/

Because this is more wordpress related maybe @ericteubert has an idea.

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But shouldn’t we have that same problem on our other websites too? like on wochendaemmerung.de or anekdotisch-evident.de?

It looks like lila podcast is misconfigured so some images/files are delivered via http instead of https. The other sites don’t have that issue.

Check “Expert Settings > Website”, bottom setting.