Publication date display in local timezone?

Is it possible to make the publication date in the web player (after click in info icon) to display correctly for all users in their respective local timezone format, regardless which timezone they are opening the player from?

It seems currently it always displays GMT time, unless I fudge the pub date entry in the json file. But the pub date time should be absolute, valid anywhere in the world.

Also, the player should at least indicate “GMT” in the info field since that is what it seems to display currently.

Also, where is the documentation of that “publicationDate” format? For example, is it allowed to use the string “GMT”? I ran across errors when trying.

All dates that can be parsed by the JavaScript Date Object Constructor are allowed ( If you need to add a time zone portion to the published date you can use the standardized ISO8601 format (

Ah the problem was using the “-05:00” offset syntax. If I omit that and specify the time in GMT in the json, then it works.