Rating or Like function as Publisher Feature

Have you ever thought about the idea to like or rate episodes? This could be part of the Publisher.

Why in the Publisher? It could be integrated in the player UI and even be accessible by podcast clients via an API in the future.

I don’t see this being a core functionality of the Podcast Publisher and implementing it would be a distraction from our important goals.

In addition, I don’t see any general consensus on how “rating” should work. There are too many competing ways to collect (5 stars, thumbs up/down etc.) and evaulate the results.

As there are many WordPress plugins focusing on this I don’t see a future for this kind of feature in the Publisher.

I know it is not a core feature. I completely understand that this is not high priority.

I personally would like to see this feature as similar to the Youtube way doing it.

I see the problem of standards: If we ever want to see a “like” feature in podcast clients there has to be a default API. I do not see how this can happen without Podlove defining a standard.