Redirecting podcast to Podlove

Good evening. I am moving my podcast away from Squarespace and want to bring my subscribers with me. I have setup the redirect with Squarespace but it says to add < itunes:new-feed-url > tags to my feed. Can I just add this to the feed in the Podlove plugin?

If so any idea on formatting do I leave the< > in . thanks for your help new to this.

If you are moving from Squarespace to Podlove it’s Squarespace that needs to enter this tag into their feed, not Podlove.

Apart from that, a simple redirect (“301 Moved”) is also doing the job. Not sure which option Squarespace offers but it needs to do one of them. If they don’t do that, shame on them. If they do, fine.

Thanks Tim they offer the 301 redirect their end then say to add he tags to the new feed which is why I asked. I have decided to move the audience to feedburner then switch out the site under feedburner once the audience has migrated. Think retain more control that WaybackMachine

Okay, now I get it. I think the Redirect is enough as iTunes does honor a 301 sufficiently. There might or might not be clients not reacting to 301 properly but honoring the <itunes:new-feed-url> tag. I am not aware of any that show such a (weird) behavíour. So I think you are safe.

However, we probably should consider that option in the future to cover that case too.

Thanks for coming back to me Tim. Last question. To use my new feedburner feed do I just point feedburner to the feed in the Podlove settings.


But I would not recommend using FeedBurner. It’s a limited and not well-supported tool that looks it will die one day. Consider using or other services.