[solved] Audio files cannot be reached


Hi everyone
I tried to publish my first episode of KimiB.Good today but the Podlove Publisher cannot reach the audio file, hosted at Podhost. In Wordpress, everything seems fine. Chaptermarks are set, Player appears but when I press play (tried it in Player 2 and now Player 4) it says that the file or the server could not be reached. I unchecked the SSL box but it still doesn’t work.

Any idea what going on? Thanks a lot!



Please try if it works with analytics/tracking disabled, I have a feeling this will work.

Your URL structure is somewhat strange because it starts with index.php and you should get rid of it. There’s probably something wrong with your permalink/rewrite config and if you get this working properly, audio files with tracking enabled will probably work, too.


Thank you so much @ericteubert I’ll try it and reply again.
Cheers, Kim


it works! Thanks!! I just changed the permalink config in wordpress under settings >> permalinks. Great!