[Solved] Chapter Marks button not displayed in webplayer

I’m using templates for the Podlove webplayer (v2.3.8):
{% if not is_feed() %} {{ episode.player }} {% include "@core/shortcode/downloads-select.twig" %} {{ episode.subtitle }} {% endif %}
I have created chapter-marks within audacity and put them into auphonic for composing the mp3 and m4a files (two feeds in use).

Now the webplayer should, according to my understanding, automatically detect the chapter-marks within the m4a-file and display the extra-button for chapters in the webplayer-widget. See screenshot below:

But the only thing I get is:

Change to WebPlayer Version 3 (experimental) does not resolve this issue.
The m4a-files does for sure contain the chapter-marks. But the mp3 doesn’t.
Perhaps the webplayer is always selecting the mp3-file independent what I select in the the listbox.

Am I doing something wrong?
How can I get the chapter marks in the webplayer?

Ciao, Georg

The web player cannot look into the file itself. You need to provide the chapter marks in the episode as metadata. Go to Podlove > Episode Assets and set “Episode Chapters” to “manual entry”. Then you have a field in your episode form to provide chapter marks.

Thank you. That did the trick.

Additionally audacity’s chapter-text handles the marks on a seconds’ base only, the conversion to the Podlove hour:minutes:second format must be done separately. I have used as a quick-fix a simple Excel-sheet dividing the given amount of seconds (from audacity) by 86400 and formatting in hh:mm:ss format. Copy-paste to the entry in the podlove Chapter-Marks section of the episode and et voilà.