[SOLVED] Cover Art URL only gets delivered in HTTPS (which Apple Podcast-Connect doesn't like)


my main Domain is secured with SSL but I use a non-SSL Sub-Domain for delivering MP3/Images. But even when I set the Cover Art in the Podlove Setting directly to my URL (instead of uploading it to the Wordpress Library first) like so:


The feed is getting a HTTPS-URL (which Apples Podcast-Connect can’t read because my certificates coming from Let’s Encrypt):

<itunes:image href="https://gamedevpodcast.de/wp-content/cache/podlove/ea/5cfbe32845550169506dc9aa92c22b/game-dev-podcast_original.png"/>

It looks like the Wordpress-Cache makes trouble. Unfortunately I don’t have any cache Plugin installed and don’t know how to disable the Cache.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?


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