[solved] Episode does not appear in the Feed

Hi everybody!

I have been fighting with a little problem for quite a while now and couldn’t find the mistake.

I set up a new Wordpress with Podlove. Everything works fine. But I have some trouble with the feed. The new Episodes don’t appear in the feed while they’re on the right place and I can listen to them with the Webplayer.

I save the files over Auphonic in http://www.apfelpage-podcast.de/folgen. I can choose them when I create a new Production and everything works finde. But they don’t appear in the feed (http://www.apfelpage-podcast.de/feed/mp3/).

The Logging says

“Unexpected http response when trying to access remote media file. AK0001/MP3 Audio HTTP Status: 404”

What ist the problem here? Is there anything wrong with my feed?

Thank you for help!

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I see one episode for AK0001 in the mp3 feed, and only that single episode on the web page. Looks good so far. Could you be more specific what episode is missing or what’s wrong?

Hi Eric! Thank you for you attention.
The Problem is already fixed. The episode couldn’t appear in the feed because there was a “Coming soon”-Mode activated on Wordpress.

That was my only stupid mistake.