[Solved] Web Player no longer visible

Hi there,

When I finished setting everything up and published my first episode last night, everything looked great, and the web player was embedded correctly in the blog post.

However, about 6 hours later, users on social media started responding that they couldn’t see the web player. I went back to the blog post, deleted cookies and cached data, then reloaded the page. The web player disappeared.

I am using CookieBot to handle GDPR Cookie permissions. Could this be blocking the web player for some reason? Otherwise I have no idea why the web player has disappeared!

The blogpost in question is here:

Kind regards,

There is also no longer a preview of the v4 web player in my Wordpress dashboard under Podlove >> Podcast Settings >> Player…

We released a new Version some hours ago and experience some issues with the CDN. For whatever reason the player is only partially distributed. I recommend to use your fallback to a local 4.0.8 version (configurable in Podlove Publisher).

I’ve updated the bundling, it should now be safe to switch back to the CDN version. Also this shouldn’t happen in future for further updates anymore.

Thanks very much!