Templates: Some informations in the blogpost are overload in the feed

Hello there!

I use a template in the publisher. This template includes many informations, which are not relevant in the HTML RSS feed, like the episode cover art (includes the file). And on the other side, I implemented many informations, which are useful in the feed, like an hint where you can leave any comments or social media links. But, the last one is not interesting in the blogpost, because every user can see it on the current page.

Is there a way to define a template for the RSS feed and a template for the website? Or to exclude some informations in one of them?

Did you understand, what I mean?

You can query if the template is currently running in the context of a feed:

{% if is_feed() %}
{% endif %}


{% if not is_feed() %}
{% endif %}

Thank’s, Tim. It works.