Tweaking [podlove-episode-list]

Hi community

I wanted to try the [podlove-episode-list] shortcode. I really like the idea behind it.

In my case, it looks like this by default:

I wanted to change this. In the end, it should look something like this:

The changes I’d like to make are:

  • no display of the cover art
  • change date format from xx. month zzzz time to xx.yy.zzzz
  • only the title is a clickable link, not the description
  • slight border changes

How can I translate Date,Title and Duration into German?

Is this possible in css? All of it? If yes, how? Or is it better to achieve this via separate template/shortcode?

Just take the Template Code from and put in your template list under a new name and change it to your needs.

Thanks for the fast response. I’m about to do that. Really cool to have this freedom! I might share the result. Just in case someone might need it.

Please do. That’s actually the intention of the design of this.

I came up with this:

        <th>Titel & Beschreibung</th>
    {% for episode in podcast.episodes %}
        <tr class="podcast_archive_element">
            <td class="date">
                <span class="release_date">
                    {{ episode.publicationDate.format('d.m.y') }}
            <td class="title">
                <a href="{{ episode.url }}">
                    <strong>{{ episode.title }}</strong><br>
                </a>{{ episode.subtitle }}
            <td class="duration">
                {% set duration = episode.duration %}
                {{ duration.hours }}:{{ duration.minutes|padLeft("0",2) }}:{{ duration.seconds|padLeft("0",2) }}
    {% endfor %}

The result will look something like this:

Feel free to copy and improve! One could make this even more simple and slim by removing the date. I’m not sure if the duration info is really needed on an archive page.

Please note:

  • The table-borders and text alignment are done in the style.css file.
  • The archive and the contributors table both seem to rely on the same “css element” (how are these called?). In this case table.podlove-contributors-table, th, td . Therefore, manipulating your archive table in your style.css file will also affect your contributors table in the same way. @timpritlove, is this intentional?