Update/Rewrite for Auphonic Importer?

I love to use the Auphonic Importer plugin from Kreg Steppe in our workflow. Unfortunately the plugin seems a bit outdated. Last update (v 1.4.1) is over two years since.

And there seem to be some issues with WordPress 4.5. At least I am not able to control which Preset should be used by Auphonic from inside of the post in WordPress. As example: I am creating a new Episode, fill in all the details, the wanted Auphonic preset as first tag and hit the »Create Production« button. But auphonic uses a totally different preset all the time.

Are you aware of an update in development? Kreg did not answer my comment on his plugin webpage.

Or is maybe someone doing a complete new approach?


I wasn’t even aware of that plugin until you mentioned it. If you are using Podlove Publisher, why don’t you use the built-in Auphonic module?

Hahaha, because I wasn’t aware there is a built in Auphonic Module. Let’s have a look …

Ok. I tried the build in Auphonic Support, but I am still not able to invoke the usage of a certain Production-Preset inside Auphonic from the Epsiode panel, although the preset name is listed and selected in the modules page.

Do you have any ideas what might be going wrong?

No. Some screenshots might help.