Using Show Module-Episode data not inserted into feed as expected

I am running four separate shows from a single install. This is pretty cool and I like it a lot.

I have all four shows set up with distinct descriptions and titles at the SHOW MODULE LEVEL. All of this shows up as per would be expected in each of the four feeds.

However: What is being displayed in iTunes and other podcast players, even after clearing the caches and doing a refresh, is the subtitle on the Show Page for the Episode description. None of the Episode Summaries or descriptions are being displayed to the listener. I am seeing bits of the Episode data in the xml feed, but even in the description tag in the XML the description is the subtitle from the Show Level, not the Episode Level. Every Item (episode) is listed in iTunes with the Show level data with the exception of the Episode Title.

Guidance on this issue?


More research revealed the following:

iTunes on the Mac displayed less that what is on the Apple Podcast App.

Apple PodCast displays Show Level information on the most current episode about to be played. no matter what Episode, Show Level blurbs are what is displayed. When you scroll down you do get to see the Episode Notes, which are specific to the Summary section filled out when the Episode is created.

I looked through several other Podcasts, and the most current Episode about to be played always had unique episode information.

I summary, on Apple Podcasts, you tap on the Show Icon. Then immediately where is the most current show to be played is the correct title.Then under My Episodes it lists out the Episodes by Title but the Description every single time is that of the Show and not the Episode. When you click on details, you the get the Episode Summary Notes.

Every podcast client will (eventually) show what’s in your RSS feed, so this is the place where you need to look if the data is correct. If it is not, please report:

  • what your configured in Podlove Publisher settings
  • what you expected to appear in the RSS feed
  • what actually appears in the RSS feed