Webplayer can't upload audio files

Hi, the webplayer can’t play or load audio files from the external hosting server podomatic https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/unplugnboost/episodes/

Everything looks great on my website, but if you press play it doesnt play the file. https://unplugnboost.com/podcast/negativiteit-blocken/
If I click on the file url it works.
As the audio files refers to html site, I have deleted the format in the episode asset url. But somehow it puts the mp3 format back on. Is there a way how to fix this or change the asset format to html? I can’t change the episode slug with the host.

Media file mime type does not match expected asset mime type. 2019-12-30T15_25_54-08_00/MP3 Audio Expected: audio/mpeg, but found: text/html; charset=utf-8 toggle details

First of all I can’t access your website. Seems like an DNS issue, so it is very hard to understand the specific problem :frowning:

The player needs an audio file with the correct mime type, so I can’t really follow why you try to enforce a html file?

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Sorry, but I was a bit impatient and removed the files on my website. Probably that’s the reason why you couldn’t access. the mp3 format is hidden in the url, which is a html file. But I solved the problem by using another webplayer plugin and now the audio files are uploading.