Wrong media

Hi, i need some slightly off topic advice.
I messed up. I have published hundreds of episodes and always roll my eyes when others do this mistake. I published an episode and entered the “Episode Media Slug” to an old podcast episode. Just discovered it after a good nights sleep ;(. I changed the slug to the new one but the damage is already done, everybody’s phones have probably already downloaded the wrong file.

What is the best way to make this right? I’m thinking publish a new episode with a slightly different name with the right media. Then doing a 301 from the old episode. This will be irritating for subscribers but less irritating than missing an episode maybe?

Best way is to go to the “Screen Options” menu on top of the Episode Edit page and enable the “Podcast Episode GUID” field.

This enables you to create a new GUID for the episode which forces every client to re-download the Episode with the correct media file.

Unfortunately, RSS does not provide any means to retract the old file and automatically delete it (or let the new one overwrite it).

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Thinking about it, we should probably at least add a warning when a media file slug gets reused - or prevent this from happening altogether. Need to discuss this with @ericteubert how this could be done.

It can and should be detected automatically. I’m thinking about one of those WordPress admin notices/warnings at the top of the episode form.

It would be possible to prevent publishing an episode for duplicate media slugs. I have a feeling this might have some unexpected side effects, though.

Thanks @timpritlove. It got redownloaded in my Overcast-app so it seems to have worked. <3

A warning sounds like a nice feature. Don’t know if podcast-reruns is a thing? Maybe a warning is enough. Statistically this happens to me ones every 300 episodes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: