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Podlovers is the Podlove developers podcast that is focusing on different topics related to Podlove like the Podlove Publisher, Podlove Subscribe Button and Podlove Web Player. This category is also the comment section. Every topic represents one episode, therefore only moderators can create new topics but everyone can see and reply to a topic.

Podlove Publisher

Everything regarding the Podlove Publisher – our podcast publishing plugin for WordPress.

Podlove Web Player

Questions regarding usage and integration of the Podlove Web Player.

Podlove Subscribe Button

The Podlove Subscribe Button is Podlove's solution to a truly simple podcast subscription workflow on the web. Just click the button and choose your favourite podcast app and off you go.

Podlove Specifications

The Podlove project not only creates software, we also want to advance podcasting by coming up with easy to integrate and helpful technical specifications, recommended workflows and markup languages to bring podcast producers and podcast apps closer together and to allow more well-defined information to pass from publisher to user.

Project Podlove

[General discussion about the Podlove project: it's aims and goals, how to address the world, potential new projects and endeavours and whatever comes up]


Discussion about the Podlove Community website, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


This category is meant to post tutorials in. This can be both general writeups describing certain workflows but also and foremost screencasts and other videos that describe how certain things work in Podlove Publisher, Podlove Web Player or other Podlove-related or even unrelated software, services or systems.