IAB Guidelines 2.0


will Podlove become IAB 2.0 compliant?


I had a look at it and believe it should be doable, at least partly. The general approach is already similar – however, IAB relies on Server Logs while Podlove Publisher relies on HTTP Requests. The data available is similar but not identical.

Differences/Issues I see:

Page 10 prescribes a “24 hour window”, Podlove Publisher currently uses one hour. That is easily changed though.

Page 11 mentions: IP blacklists and whitelists maintained by IAB members that are not publicly available and are not meant to be public. Since Podlove Publisher is Open Source I double we will be able to gain access to those lists.

Page 12:

  1. To count as a valid download, the ID3 tag plus enough of the podcast content to play for 1 minute should have been downloaded

This requires BytesServed data which is not availabe to Podlove Publisher.

In summary, Podlove Publisher can get as close as possible given the technical limitations to the spec but if it will count as compliant, I cannot say.

Okay, sounds good.

So I don’t have to be scared to share my numbers with potential advertisers and telling them that I have X amount of listeners?

Is there a place where I can read more about how accurate the Podlove statistics are?

See here to read what Podlove Publisher does to clean tracking data: https://docs.podlove.org/podlove-publisher/guides/download-analytics.html#data-cleanup

When I adjust the system for better IAB compliance I will also take the time to be more detailed about it there.

that I have X amount of listeners?

Please note that Podlove Publisher currently only provides you download numbers, which are different from listener numbers. I plan to look into providing listener numbers soon though, as the data required is already collected.

Great, thanks!

Are there any news on this topic?

You can now change deduplication to a 24hour window, which should make it IAB compliant.

Regarding listener calculations, https://plus.podlove.org/ can do that :slight_smile:

Will podlove plus introduce more statistics similar to podtrac?

Providing the option to use PLUS for download tracking makes sense, as the Podlove Publisher tracking approach does not scale well for very popular podcasts. A modernized tracking infrastructure would then also allow further statistical evaluations. So it’s definitely on my mind, but I can’t say when.