"Listen Later" with latr.fm can't find link to file


I just read again the detailed post above on how huffduffer works.
( https://adactio.com/journal/10156 )

It says metadata in the head is already supplied?

< link rel=“enclosure” href="/path/to/file.mp3" >

Is it really only .mp3? I know that this would be an issue. m4a also very common with podcasters.


Just to fill you in on the latest status from the point of view of @mikker from Latr.fm

We talked. Here is his thoughts (I have the Ok to post this here ;-):

I feel like the next move is theirs. I could maybe do something custom for Podlove specifically but I don’t really feel like that’s the best use of my time.

Podlove is the only place I hear this from. And I’m sorry they feel that way about directly linking to audio files. I really don’t get why it’s a problem to be honest.