Podlove Web Player 5: Cannot edit the Share Tab


We’re having trouble with the share buttons. It is not possible to add, delete or modify the order of the sharing clients.
Every time we click on the save button, the list goes back to its previous (initial) state.

  1. Initial State
  2. We remove the unnecessary buttons and click on Save
  3. The Share tab goes back to the initial state.


Could you help?

PHP 7.4
WordPress 5.4.2
Podlove Web Player 5.2.6

Can reproduce it, will work on a fix. Thanks for the report!

You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

v5.2.7 should fix this issue. Would be nice if you could validate it.

Unfortunately I had to roll back the fix. Since this is a pretty tricky operation I need to invest more time to sort this out. However this bug only exists for the “default” configuration. So a valid workaround is to create a new one, this should solve your issue in the meantime.

Thanks for everything.
You are right: it works fine when I create a custom configuration.
Good luck for the fix!