Access raw stats data

I do a lot of statistical programming in R and would love to get access to the raw data behind my Podlove statistics for additional visualization and comparison. Is there any way to access them via API or download? Where is the data stored?

It’s currently just in the SQL Database where data is freely available but might not be easy to extract properly. We have been discussing an export format for upcoming versions.

I personally would love to open up the opportunity for experiments with R (or other tools) to also get more hints on what kind of stats we should provide out of the box.

Any hints on the format @ericteubert?

Happy to share what I do with daily stats from PowerPress and R.

The database table wp_podlove_downloadintentclean contains the raw data. See for how that data is cleaned up. If you prefer to do your own deduplication, use data from wp_podlove_downloadintentclean instead.

You will need data from other tables to display proper labels instead of just IDs though.

  • user_agent_id => wp_podlove_useragent contains user agent data
  • media_file_id => wp_podlove_mediafile and from there episode_asset_id => wp_podlove_episodeasset
  • geo_area_id => wp_podlove_geoarea
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@lordampersand Does this help you so far?

Yes, it does, thanks Tim. Only question (sorry, little experience with Wordpress databases) - are the two tables above part of of the wordpress SQL db or stored in a separate one?

The tables are in the same database.

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