Adding channels to Subscribe button in Podlove Web Player


Can I add channels to the Subscribe button in Podlove Web Player?

I want to add Google News. Eventually I might want to add other News aggregators that support audio/podcast.



the subscribe button is really meant to be used for subscribing to podcasts with a dedicated client. It would be very hard to integrate further news aggregators since it involves a custom logo, text and a link. So I don’t see this in the near future, if this is a more common request we need to think about a proper solution.

Thanks. I was impress with all the different clients already included in the button. That’s a lot of work and is really appreciated. If I understand correctly, the main issue is having a link that will open or redirect to the corresponding app.

This bring a possible work around: just the RSS for any podcast app, with the instructions (like it is now). Then, if I want to take advantage of the expanded features for the web based apps, I need to provide the information needed: the logo (that is, a link for the logo image), the service name and the link. Maybe using a json or xml file. Something like:

“service”: “Google News”,
“logo”: “path/to/logo/image”
“link”: “link/to/podcast/in/webservice”