Adding shortcode from another plugin to templates, not working


I am trying to add a shortcode from another plugin to display breadcrumbs to the default template, and its breaking my template irrepairably.

I have tried adding it like so:


{% filter shortcodes %}
{% endfilter %}

{{ function(‘do_shortcode’, ‘[tsf_breadcrumb]’) }}

Each time, it results in the template only displaying the template name “default” in text, and no longer showing the podlove player etc.

When I delete the added shortcode, the template is still broken and I end up having to make a brand new template to recover it.

Any suggestions?

You should not need any special syntax for shortcodes in templates. Simply using the shortcode like you would in any other text field should work as expected.

During testing, disabling the template cache might be helpful: define('PODLOVE_TEMPLATE_CACHE', false);

Depending on the underlying issue, enabling WordPress Debugging might show relevant errors.