Adding web player to pages with shortcode


I’m running my show on Podlove Publisher. I know want to use some episodes on some other pages within my website. I try to use that shortcode: [podlove-web-player theme=“default“ config=“default“ publisher=“150″]

150 ist the episodes number. I also tried the post (podcast) ID. Both doesn’t work.

How is the correct shortcode to have a player with a existing Podlove episode?

Hello Robert

The shortcode I can find in the documentation is [podlove-episode-web-player post_id="123"].

The post_id is not the episode number and not the episode GUID.

You should be able to see the post_id when hovering over the episode in your WordPress backend:
how to find post_id

It’s the number after post=.

I did a quick test and this did work for me.

You can also see the post_id in your address bar while editing an episode:

/cc @ericteubert: Should we add an explanatory note to the template tags documentation (or shortcode documentation) to tell users what the post_id is?

Das sollte eigentlich so gehen, bitte teste mal den Shortcode:

Hello Joey,
thanks for getting back to me! I tried and it worked.
On the official plugin page there is the short code shown as I used it:


Hello Alexander,

Thanks for your reply. There is definitely an issue with the " - rewriting all " helped a lot with other issues.

What I was not aware of, is that publisher is the same as post_id. I assumed that this is the episodes number. When inserting the post_id it works.