Alex (Amazon Echo) Podcast Skill


first of all, sorry for my english and also if this is not the right place to ask my question.

I’m now a proud owner of an Echo Dot with Amazon’s Alexa and it is really annoying that Alexa is not able to handle Podcasts without TuneIn or Spotify. So does anyone know if anyone else is currently working on a Spotify Skill for Alexa?

There are some challenges to face … but not impossible. I have already developed some Alexa Skills so if you here think this is a good idea - let me know and i will try to build a prototype :blush:

Another Idea I had to sync the Podcast Position is something like Tweetmarker for Podcasts … does this exist yet (@timpritlove I think we already talked about this)


Don’t understand that :slight_smile: Why a (3rd-Party) Spotify Skill? You meant a Podcast/Podlove-Skill?

argh - yes a Podcast Skill of course! :slight_smile: