Analytics and geolocation

Hi There,

Geolocation is mentioned as a collected data item for analytics in the State of the Union video of Nov 2014).
I would love to see downloads by country. Is that already possible or available in the future?



It’s coming, just didn’t make it in the first release yet.

Has there been any progress on this feature yet? If not, are there any pointers as to where would be a good place to look at contributing some visualization and/or aggregation of that data?

Unfortunately not. It hasn’t been requested much so other things have always been implemented first. It’s not forgotten but is constantly being pushed to lower priority.

I would be interested to see the geolocation data or to allow a prefix for a tracking service like chartable. Thanks for all your work on this though.

I actually made a plugin that gives a representation of the latest downloads. You can customise the colours and number of downloads to show by looking at the admin settings.

The plugin is not Wordpress approved. I have not been able to make it work with the latest version of jQuery. Use at your own risk.

You’ll need to be quite techy to install it but it can be downloaded from here:

Example of it running here:

Hey Thomas,

Really love the concept of this plugin! I don’t know if this is truy for anyone else, but for me I see everything except the countries :slight_smile:

Any idea what could be wrong?


Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 6.04.07 PM