Analytics ate 20.000 downloads


I have a problem with the podlove analytics as follows:

Podlove stopped to transit the counted Downloads to the next day, so what I did was “Download-Absichten bereinigen” and “Zusammenfassung der Downloads”. Afterwards, I lost™ almost 20.000 Downloads.

Is this a known issue? Did the analytics plugin count my downloads wrong from the start or did it lose some?

It is quite demotivating to loose so much downloads and unfortunately the analytics plugin is my only means to measure how much my podcast is heard.

I am happy for every hint or advice.

Best regards




Not sure how much time has passed between the original analytics and the cleanup but if new Podlove releases have been installed in between, our analytics engine might have been updated to exclude more spammers, spiders and other sources that might have been counted as download intents but which weren’t.

This whole coating game is difficult and we always try to be as “true” as possible.

Dear Tim,

thanks for the quick response. So if I understand you right, the downloads weren’t there in the first place?

Best regards


Yes, you did’t lose downloads, they were misreported before.