Analytics broken

Hi there,
we have a new Problem with our Analytics tool, as you can see, our last episode does not show any numbers at all :frowning:

we already had a similar problem with oher episodes, but at least the overall numbers was shown in brackets:

do you have any ideas how to fix that? especially the first problem - but the second one is annoying as well, as it appears from time to time.

thanx in advance,

Probably fixed in release 2.7.0; until then, try “Download Aggregation Cleanup” under “Tools”.

Okay, tried that and now I’m a bit in a shock



before that it looked like this:


so no Data since Feb. 27th

No worries, the data is most likely not gone, there’s just some hiccups calculating the aggregations.

Again under “Tools/Werkzeuge” > “Background Jobs/Hintergrundjobs”, can you try “run wp cron diagnostics” and paste the results here? Ideally it will look like this:


Thank you Eric, yes, I did that: