Analytics data clean up after update?

Hi Guys,

first of all: Thank you for that awesome plugin. I enjoy using it every day :slight_smile:

Today I updated to Version 2.4.1 and had to realize a lack of 10% within my total downloads. The same happend after the last update. After version 2.4. were the new awesome analytics tool was released I read something about a better download tracking wich caused the difference in download numbers.

I now wonder if there is something like a clean up of download numbers with every update and if so, is there might a chance to do this manually? Should I also calculate with a difference of 10% on my numbers?

Thanks for help and sorry in advance if this is a noob question :smiley:

We are regularly updating the client database marking more well-known bots as such. Every access that can be attributed to a bot will be taken from the numbers. Thatโ€™s how the Internet is, I am sorry.

We could of course leave all those bot in not subtracting from the analytics stats. You would get great download numbers - just very far from reality.

Im happy you get the numbers as real as possible :slight_smile:

Thank you!